SED is a tool to lower the technology trashhold for elderly. The quarted game is used as a guide to explain the value of the technology and as a step-by-step guide to learn how to use the product, platform or service.


The ageing society is bringing many challenges. Therefore more and more technological products are designed to facilitate the elderly to live longer and more independently. However the technology acceptance amongst elderly is very low.


A gradual introduction of technological products for elderly can show them the positive values and possibilities. It is crucial to do this in a non-technological and social way. Once elderly experience how new technologies can help them to enhance their quality of life, they become enthusiastic.


Within this project we have addressed the challenge of dropped use of public transport amongst elderly after implementing the OV chip card, a payment card for the public transport. Elderly can both play the game or use the cards as a guide.


This project was a follow-up of the module Activating Your Innovation Radar. Within this module the first version of our quarter game was developed. The project was done as part  of the CRISP 'grey but mobile' project in collaboration with Hermes, Gemeente Eindhoven, Summa college, Zuidzorg, KBO, and vrienden van de thuiszorg.




This project has been exhibited in Taiwan Design Museum, Taipei and Eindhoven in the exposition Cure & Care by the municipality of Eindhoven and Brainport development.