Social Design

Next to my job I have worked on my own projects to use my Design Thinking expertise to solve wicked social design problems. Working in a societal context makes me curious and energetic, because I try to really understand the involved humans and can come up with live changing (but small and simple) solutions.


Design for Humanity

I collaborated with Design for Humanity several times over some years.


2016 - I have participated in the design for humanity brainstorm session during the Dutch Design Week 2016. The topic of this event was connecting generations. During a one day sessions we have generated many ideas to enhance the lives of elderly. Together with elderly we thought about topics like mobility, housing and societal contribution.


2017 -  As a result I worked for Design for Humanity and guided a graduation student on the topic of taboo on loneliness amongst elderly (In commission of the municipality of Eindhoven). I advised her on the use of methods and tools during her trend research and concept development.


2017 - During their year cycles I collaborated to develop the platform further and select and present the new theme: Designing Democracy. With a new approach business wise we organized a kick-off event in Pakhuis de Zwijger. I facilitated a mini design session during this event to enlarge the enthusiasm about the theme and to gather the first ideas. Besides that I was responsible to translate the topic into designable questions and research the field of different stakeholders.



Van Blend

Van blend is an innovation strategy firm that guide companies in their innovation processes and projects. As a designer I have participated in several brainstorms with social innovation topics to help Van Blend and their clients to apply design thinking methods, skills and tools in order to address their social challenges.