Jules Dock Innovation

During my employment at Jules Dock Innovation I was responsible for the development and facilitation of innovation workshops and project manager for innovative solutions. I  have developed and facilitated many brainstorm sessions. Each time I designed the program and selected en created the methods and tools most suitable for the topic and goal. For example these goals can be: stimulating enthusiasm about innovation, connecting different stakeholders and let them understand each others values, generating ideas for a specific challenge or creating a strategic vision towards the future.



As example I will describe one of the innovation workshops.

Dunea is a drinkwater company which uses the technique of sand filters to clean the water. Once in few years this sand needs to be taken out of the filter and after cleaning it will be returned. This is activity is very labor-intensive and brings hygianic risks.

I organised, designed and facilitated an innovation session with sand filter experts, the cleaning contractor and innovators to come up with new solutions. ''How can we clean the slow sand filter without any human going into the filter?''

The diversity of interests of the participants made this workshop challenging. By selecting the methods and tools carefully I was able to create sufficient discussions and let them collaborate while coming up with new solutions. Three parties are currently developing a cleaning vessel.


SpeedSolving Maritime

Within this project we used innovation workshops to enlarge human capital in the maritime industry amongst students. A company from the field submitted a challenge and we designed a program including different tools and methods to facilitate students to come up with innovative solutions. I have done over 30 of these workshops with many different challenges.