Salo-Salo is a product which brings habits from the Philippine culture into the Dutch culture. Salo-Salo means preparing and sharing food together in Filipino.


The project focused on learning about cultural values through the cooking process. Two cultures were explored in order to create a product, which would connect both cultures. As a result the Salo-Salo product was designed.


When you are invited to have dinner at your friends’ or family’s place it is normal to bring a present for the hostess in the Netherlands. With the Salo-Salo product you do not only give a present, you also give your help, which makes it impossible for the hostess to refuse. The Salo-Salo facilitates to have a drink and a bite together while preparing the food. This combines the Philippine culture of preparing together and the Dutch having a ‘gezellige’ drink before dinner. While preparing the food together the hostess has more time for her guests and you still can have a cosy time.


This two week project was done together with Jackie Hendrikx, Eef Lubbers and Sergei Lojko. As educational aspect the relation between the design process and the cooking process has been analysed during this module.