This research project focused on the improvement of testing human robot interaction with autistic children in order to teach them social skills.


In general robots are used more and more to support and enlarge human skills. In this case the behavior of the robot and their facial expressions are very predictable, which is very important for autistic children. Dr. Leokannerhuis is testing with the Nao robot in training sessions for children with autism. The research project struggles a lot with all new aspects that the robots brings. This results in children who get afraid of the robot because of technical failure, unpredictability and the test set-up. The instituten was in urge of a vision on how to use the robot for testing.


As a final result guidelines for the use of a robot during training sessions with children with autism were created. This will help to design and improve the training sessions more easily and structured in the future.


This project was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Leokannerhuis.