Het ontdeklab is the result of my graduation project. This projects aimed for changing the experience around fruits and vegetables amongst children, since this seems to be mainly negative at this moment. Furthermore, through this concept children involve their parents. This will increase the awareness of parents about healthy food and fruits and vegetables.


Obesity is a fast growing problem. More and more children suffer from the effects of a heavy weight. As research of CBS shows 15% of the youth of 2 to 25 year is over weight- ed in 2011. 3 % In this age category have obesity. Many projects focus on loosing weight or promoting sports in childrenā€™s lives. At this moment just a few projects focus on the consumption of food. Not many projects focus on prevention of obesity instead of fighting against the symptoms.


In supermarkets a lot of marketing focuses on children. Most of these products are unhealthy. Only one item is promoted to children at the fruits and vegetables department, which are the snack tomatoes.


Het ontdeklab is standing on the fruits and vegetable department of a supermarket. The lab stimulates children to explore pre selected fruits and vegetables. While visiting theĀ supermarket children can discover on their own while their parents shop or together with their parents. Children are able to discover these products through three elements: a color scanner, a microscope and a pan.


I received an Excellent verdict for my graduation project which has been exhibited at the Mind the Step exhibition during the Dutch Design Week 2014.

During the Dutch Design week I was awarded with a honorable mention and third prize of the social design talent Award 2014.





This project received a honorable mention and third prize of the Social Design Talent Award 2014 of Gemeente Eindhoven.



This project was exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2014 at the Mind The Step exhibition of the Technical Universities of the Netherlands.